Being in an accident is annoying, medic painful and can lead to a financially difficult time without a car, abortion a job or even worse; without full use of your body. This could mean expensive journeys to and from work and the hospital, not to mention the medical or rehabilitation costs. So to help out; all clients in England and Wales can get up to a £1000 cash advance, paid by your Solicitors. The cash advance amount you receive is taken from your total compensation payout.

The amount you receive would be deducted from the compensation you win at the conclusion of your case. It’s a great way to make a claim and it’s easy to find out if you’re eligible, there are just five things we must be sure of:

1. That your claim is worth more than £2000

2. That we have paid no referral fee for the referral of your claim

3. That your claim is likely to be successful

4. That the other person/company was properly insured

5. That the person/company that caused the accident has admitted liability

If you live in England or Wales* and your claim meets these five criteria then you may be eligible for a cash advance. We will pay you up to £200 initial advance within 28 days of your medical report being signed off and sent to the third party and up to a further £800 within 28 days of us receiving an offer of settlement from the third party.

To start your claim now, call us for free on 0800 840 7293 or fill out the super quick form above.

* Sorry, but this offer is unavailable in Northern Ireland and Scotland.